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From Costa Rica to Panama or Nicaragua

Departure tax Costa Rica


Currently it is mandatory to pay the exit tax if you are going to travel by land from Costa Rica to Panama or Nicaragua. The amount of the tax is equivalent to US $7 per person and must be canceled at the border. This tax only applies when you are going to leave Costa Rica by land. The tax is personal and the payment must be delivered along with the passport.

The departure tax can be paid directly at the border of Peñas Blancas, Paso Canas, Sixaola or Sabalito in the offices of the border post. The cost of the service is $ 1.00 and ithout the tax document you can not cross the border.


When you leave Costa Rica by an international flight, the information above does not apply for you! You need to pay a departure tax of US $29, – per person at the airport.



Important information crossing the border to Panama

The government of Panama has tightened the rules relating crossing the border. When travelling overland from Costa Rica to Panama there is a chance that the immigration authorities at the border ask you for some specific documents.


Important: Therefore it is really important that EACH PERSON carries with him the following documents:


Passport, which upon departure of Costa Rica is valid for at least 6 months.
A tax document paid directly at the borderoffice worth US $7 per person (see information above)

A copy of your passport (minimum 2 copies)

Flight ticket or e-ticket (to prove that you leave the country again)
US $500.00 cash or a valid credit card with corresponding transcription in your name indicating that the credit card has an amount of spend of at least US $500.00 or more.