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Nicaragua is a rich green tropical land of mountains and volcanoes, lakes and rivers, lush rain forests and broad sun swept beaches. Nicaragua is the largest of the Central American republics.

The combination of a vacation in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is ideal due to the fact that Costa Rica is a natural paradise and Nicaragua is full of culture and history. By combining both countries, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we offer an enriching and diversified travel option. You not only enjoy the rainforests of Costa Rica, but also the beautiful colonial architecture of Nicaragua, not only the impressive islands on Lake Nicaragua but also the thermal marvels of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

Access from Costa Rica is easy either by ground transport crossing the border at Penas Blancas or by Nature Air flights from San Jose or Liberia into Granada. We also offer pick up and drop of of your rented vehicle at the border, as well as car rental options and transfers in Nicaragua.

Click here for important information concerning the border crossing Costa Rica to Panama and Nicaragua.

While Costa Rica is already a fairly mature destination, Nicaragua is an up and coming tourism magnet that is described by the experienced traveler as “ Costa Rica, 25 years ago.”
Old cities of antiquity are charming and always have a place in our hearts. Granada has all that and a bit more, its mysterious setting in the shadows of fiery Mombacho volcano and the cool blue waters of Lake Nicaragua. Granada has a nostalgic romantic history, some of that still lives in things taken for granted such as its colorful horse carriages in operation since 1524. Parque central is a tree lined Plaza with benches and a lively crowd surrounded by colonial historical arquitectural buildings with wide verandas and passages. Colorful restored houses, coble stone alleys, charming hotels and coffee houses extend into the old town.

Walking is a pleasure here. You will see the bright blue church of San Francisco leaning against the ocher yellow Museo Antiguo Convento founded in 1529 . The museum is home to large pre-Colombian sculptures from Isla Zapatera in Lake Nicaragua . The Catedral de Granada with its immense towers and Dome is in the Parque Central. Lake Nicaragua has more than 400 islands, some 350 just offshore from Granada making them accessible with natural waterways to explore. The proximity of Granada to Masaya artisan villages and natural sites makes it a good central staying area for exploring Southern Nicaragua.

Nature Air flights to Granada from San Jose, Costa Rica (55 Minutes) or Liberia (25 minutes) land just ten minutes from Parque Central in Granada.