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CRS Tour wants to guide your visit to Panamá, one of the most dynamic destinations in adventure, nature, shopping, and culture tourism. For which, we can provide you with an attractive offer of tourist packages.


The beginning of the city can be traced since 1519 and it was only a few years later that expedition towards the Inca Empire started, making this city a connection in between of one of the most important commercial routes. The Casco Viejo (Spanish for Old Town) and Old Panama are ideal to walk through their ancient colonial streets, and are a perfect destination to have family vacations, get to know the city’s history and visit museums and parks designed for children. There is a contrast between this old part of the city and the constant development of the new Panama City. Albrook is a modern commercial zone, excellent for shopping; it houses the biggest shopping mall in Latin America where you can find the best commercial brands of the world.


Panama City is a modern settlement located in front of the Pacific coast, its modern buildings stand out for their height, and the Cinta Costera (Coastal Beltway) connects the Casco Viejo with the financial district and the main tourist attractions like El Cangrejo (The Crab), Andrés Bello Park and the shopping zones and restaurants.


The most important attraction in the city is the Panamá Canal tour. This engineering wonder that connects the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean attracts thousands of tourists every year, interested in witnessing the crossing of giant ships through an ingenious system of floodgaes.


The Caribbean coast has beautiful sceneries with white sand beaches and small archipelagos like “San Blas”, home of the Guna Yala, an indigenous group whom have preserved their culture and natural beauty. It is a unique place for swimming, scuba diving or simply sunbathing, an ideal retreat for lovers in search of the perfect honeymoon.


Bocas del Toro (Mouths of the Bull) is one of the main attractions of the Caribbean coast, an isolated natural paradise with amazing coral reefs, ideal for snorkeling. You can also walk trails in the middle of dense forests that will lead you to exuberant beaches like Playa Estrella (star beach), famous for its starfish. There are plenty of hotels where you can find very good deals throughout the year.


The Portobello Bay is a colorful bay where you can find five ruins of Spanish forts from the 17th Century. You can visit the Fort of San Lorenzo that is very well preserved. Kayaking, coral reef snorkeling and trails through the forest are very common here.


The Pacific coast also has natural beauties like the Islas Perlas (Pearl Islands) with exotic white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The Azurero peninsula stands out for its beauty, its green mountains contrast with its white sand beaches and is the perfect place for all kinds of water sports. The town of Pedasí is a worldwide famous surf destination.


Panama is a land of beautiful valleys like the Valley of Anton, shaped in the crater of a former volcano; a zone with plenty of outdoor activities where the weather is nice and fresh. The Boquete Mountains next to the Barú volcano is a must-see destination for birdwatching, where the Quetzal is without a doubt the most majestic bird.


The most popular tours in Panama have been personalized so you can take home the best memories of your visit.

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