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Rincón de la Vieja

Tours in and around Rincón de la Vieja

Butterfly Garden, Serpentarium & Frog Exhibit

The dry tropical forest covering the western side of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica creates an interesting ecosystem for many different animals and plants than you would see in other parts of the country.


You can see exotic native wildlife on a nature tour to Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin’s Butterfly Garden, Serpentarium & Frog Exhibit.


Located in a beautiful setting surrounded by forest, yet only 150 meters (about 165 yards) from the hotel, the Butterfly Garden presents three of the major families of butterflies in Costa Rica. The Serpentarium and Frog Exhibit shows off 23 kinds of live snakes, including 11 that are poisonous; six species of live frogs and two types of basilisk lizards – in glass and wood habitat cases. Your tour guide will explain details about each animal. You’ll even have the opportunity to take a picture with a live boa!



Rate: US $19.00 Per Person


Included: Bilingual guide and entrance fee


Duration: 1 Hour


What to bring: Light clothing, insect repellent, walking shoes

Canopy Tour the Canyon

This tour starts with a short walk from the hotel Hacienda Guachipelín “adventure centre” to the first canopy platform where, after a short briefing, the magical and exciting experience begins. The canopy is the only one in the country that takes you through a canyon and over a turbulent river. Imagine yourself rappelling, rock climbing, doing canopy, Tarzan swings and walking on hanging bridges. All of these activities take place in the majestic canyon made by the erosion of the Río Blanco over millions of years. This amazing trip will let you enjoy a great variety of vegetation, birds, mammals and reptiles. You can count on 12 cable “rides”, 24 platforms, 2 climbing walls, one hanging bridge, via ferrata rappel, swing seats and a lot of adrenaline.



Rate: US $48.00 Per Person


Included: Equipment, Bilingual Guide


Duration: 2 Hours


What to bring: Comfortable clothes, closed shoes or hi-tec, long pants, cap.

Cowboy for a day

Spend the day being a cowboy or cowgirl on Hacienda Guachipelín Ranch in the company of a real, authentic Sabaneros Guanacastecos (Guanacaste cowboys).


It’s an early start for ranch life, 5:45 a.m. you will begin by helping the ranch hands milk the cows at the stables. The fresh milk is brought to our restaurant kitchen every morning to be processed and served at breakfast. After milking, you will go for breakfast in the restaurant and return to get ready to ride out on the ranch.


Your tour will vary depending on that day’s chores that need to be done. Some of the activities you may participate in include working in the stables and corral, saddling and readying the horses, herding cattle or horses, checking cattle in the far pastures, fixing fences, etc. Either a picnic lunch, or lunch at the hotel restaurant, is included in the tour.



Rate: US $57.00 Per Person


Included: Bilingual Guide, lunch


Duration: 6 hours


What to bring: closed-toe shoes, long pants and sunscreen.

Hiking in the National Park and Oropéndola Waterfall

You will walk 45 minutes on a scenic forest trail to the Las Pailas entrance of the Rincón de la Vieja National Park. The Las Pailas area which means “cauldrons” in Spanish spectacularly shows off the awesome power of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, the largest and most active volcano in Guanacaste. Steaming fumaroles, mini-geysers and bubbling volcanic mud pits give you an incredible experience like no other volcano in Costa Rica.


When you finish your hike, you will be ready for a refreshing swim in the Oropendula Waterfall. It is a short walk from the national park entrance on a trail with varying terrain to get down to the river bottom. You also will walk a short distance in the river to reach the falls. The Oropendula Waterfall spills an impressive 82 feet (25 meters) down to a bright turquoise pool in the picturesque lush canyon of the Río Blanco (White River). After a relaxing time at the waterfall your day tour in Guanacaste finishes.



Rate: US $62.00 Per Person


Included: Local Guide, entrance fee to National park.


Duration: 4 Hours.


What to bring: Comfortable clothes, closed shoes or hi-tec, long pants, cap.

One Day Adventure Pass

The “One Day Nature Pass” at Hacienda Guachipelín, Guanacaste is the one of the best expedition activities that you can experience in the zone. This tour will provide you with all the adventure that you were looking for in Costa Rica while loving the marvelous flora and fauna that is surrounding the Rincon de la Vieja National Park! You will definitely enjoy of all the activities available for you such as canopy, tubing and even hot springs and a relaxing volcanic mud bath at Río Negro!



Rate: US $89.00 Per Person


Included: Canopy zip line tour and rappelling through the Rio Blanco Canyon, a tubing adventure on the Rio Negro River with class III rapids, horseback riding expedition to nearby waterfalls, relax with volcano heated thermal waters, steam and mud bath and Lunch.


Duration: 9 Hours


What to bring: Camera, long pants, swimsuit, change of clothes, closed toe shoes that can get wet or river sandals.

One Day Nature Pass

Enjoy the best nature tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica with Hacienda Guachipelin’s One Day Nature Pass.  See incredible nature, wonderful wildlife, and amazing volcanic activity and scenic beauty at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.



Rate: US $57.00 Per Person


Included: Butterfly Garden, Serpentarium (includes picture taken with a huge boa !) , Frogs Exhibition, Walk to Mirador, Rio Negro Falls, Rio Negro Hot Springs and volcanic mud bath , lunch .


Duration: 5 hours


What to bring: Camera, long pants, swimsuit, change of clothes, closed toe shoes that can get wet or river sandals.

River Tour (Tubing): Horseback Riding + River Adventure

A fun and exciting activity at Rincón de la Vieja is the Río Negro Tubing Adventure. You will head out from Hacienda Guachipelín by horse (or you go by vehicle transport). After a 45-minute ride through the forest you arrive at the changing rooms where you will get ready for our river tubing adventure. You will have a short briefing about safety on the river. Then it is just a short walk to the foot of the Victoria Waterfall where the tubing adventure begins. You will have the time of your life bouncing down Río Negro’s crystal clear and fun rapids in your individual rafting tube. The guides will be riding down with you to ensure your safety. Afterwards you will have time to change and dry before the transportation will take you back to Hacienda Guachipelín.



Rate: US $52.00 Per Person


Included: Equipment, Bilingual Guide


Duration: 2.5 Hours


What to bring: Camera, long pants, swimsuit, change of clothes, closed toe shoes that can get wet or river sandals.

Sector Pailas Walk in the National Park

On this circular trail with a length of about 2 miles you can enjoy the most volcanic activity without climbing the main crater. Here you can also find a great variety of vegetation and trees like the guanacaste (elephant ear tree), cedro amargo (cigar box cedar), laurel (aurel) and the indio desnudo (gumbo-limbo). You can spot mammals like the mapache (raccoon), the pizote solo (white nosed coati) and guatusas (Central American agouti). Birds living here include the pájaro bobo (blue-crowned motmot), the jilguero de montaña (mountain finch) and the tucancillo (emerald toucanet). You will find small waterfalls, rapids, volcanic mud pools, hot springs, fumaroles and the “volcancito” (little volcano).



Rate: US $54.00 Per Person


Included: Local Guide and Entrance fee to National park.


Duration: 3 hours


What to bring: Comfortable clothes, closed shoes or hi-tec, long pants, cap.