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Puerto Viejo & Cahuita

Tours in and around Cahuita

Bird Watching - Samasati

Birds are more active in the early morning when the day starts, which is why we start our journey early. An expert bird watching guide will take you up to one of the best places to do this activity; the Samasati Retreat Area. Thanks to our rich biodiversity, the tour guide will share his knowledge on the various bird species of the area, which is a superb bird watching experience! Some of the species you could see in this area are: the Red-capped Manikin, crested owl, the olive throated parakeet; pale vented pigeon, masked tityra, collared aracari, slaty ant shrike, keel-billed and chestnut-mandibled toucan, magnificent frigate-bird, common black hawk, Passerini’s tanager, and the black-cowled oriole, among others.



Rate: US $61.00 Per Person


Included: Transportation and tour guide.


Duration: 4 hours approximately


What to bring: Hiking boots, light cotton clothes, long pants, insect repellent, binoculars and water.

Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge Jungle Hike

Be ready for an unforgettable experience! While you walk into the forest, you will wonder about the exotic vegetation. Most of the trees are covered with mosses, lichens, bromeliads, orchids and other plants that cascade from the branches of these gigantic trees creating a backdrop for life in the jungle. You will have the chance to spot many different species of birds from the 384 species that inhabit this area. Some examples are hummingbirds, tanagers, owls, and toucans.


The naturalist tour guide will use their sharp senses to spot animals such as white faced monkeys and howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, snakes, poisonous frogs, and numerous other different types of animals that you will be able to observe during this tour. You will also learn about medicinal plants and the natural history of this natural paradise.



Rate: US $71.00 Per Person


Included: Transport and bilingual guide.


Duration: 4 hours approximately.


What to bring: Jungle: hiking shoes, light cotton clothes, long pants, insect repellent, binoculars and water. Beach: towel, sun block, some cash for food and drinks.

Hiking at Cahuita National Park

The tour consists in a hike through a trail of the National Park of 7 km approximately. The activity begins at the community of Cahuita, you will get in to the National Park from the White Beach Sector, up to Cahuita point, crossing through beautiful beaches where tourist can relax and swim in the calm water of the Caribbean Sea for a while. The guide will help you spotting various types of snakes (boas, bocaraca, bush master, eyelash vipers, etc.), sloths, white faced and howler monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, raccoons, blue morpho butterflies among others, birds and many more things such as: medicinal plants, orchids, trees, ferns, vertebrates, invertebrates, sea and earth shellfish, etc. … Enjoy this magical place!



Rate: US $51.00 Per Person


Included: Bilingual guide, entrance to the national park, water, lunch, transportation.


Duration: 5 hours


What to bring: Comfortable clothing, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, walking shoes, cap or hat, insect repellent.

Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve Tour

In this tour you will visit the Iguana farm and medicinal plant garden of the Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, where a small indigenous family dedicates itself to the reproduction of the Green Iguana, a species, which was endangered but thanks to initiatives like this has been recovered. Then you will visit another indigenous family in the Bri-Bri indigenous reserve to enjoy a brief tour, during which you will learn about the properties and uses of some plants and also see the process of how to make chocolate. This process is very important in the Bri-bri culture because they use it in purification rituals, food and also medicine.



Rate: US $76.00 Per Person


Included: Bilingual guide, entrance fee to the reserve, transportation and lunch.


Duration: 6 hours


What to bring: Comfortable clothing, camera, sunglasses, water, sunscreen, walking shoes, cap or hat, insect repellent.

River and Sea Kayaking with Rainforest Hike

You will be taken to the most beautiful location in the area, Punta Uva. This trip consists of three sections. After a safety briefing, you will first embark on a magical sea kayaking journey paralleling a coast full of cliffs, caves, and the most amazing rainforest. Then you will paddle your way up river though gorgeous rainforest where you can expect to spot monkeys, sloth, colorful birds, river turtles, bats and iguanas. Your professional guide will deliver a lot of interesting insights on this wonderful eco system. Back at the beach you will take a nice break to relax, swim and enjoy some nicely presented fresh fruit and snacks before hiking to the great overview at Punta Uva.



Rate: US $62.00 Per Person


Included: Tour guide, gear, entrance fees, fruits, snacks and bottle of water.


Duration: 4 hours approximately


What to bring: Comfortable water shoes that will stay on, swimsuit, sunscreen, hut, long sleeve shirt/rash guard to cover your back, camera (ideally water proof), towel, insect repellent, binoculars and raincoat.

Sloth Sanctuary & Rescue Center

The famous Sloth Sanctuary is in charge of the research, protection and rehabilitation of sloths. You will be brought to the sanctuary where you will receive a warm welcome. In a short video presentation, you will learn a lot about these small and mysterious creatures. Afterwards you will be going on a boat trip through the tropical surrounding of the Estrella River, followed by a short hike through the jungle. Here you will be able to spot sloths in their natural habitats as well as birds, butterflies, monkeys and many other species.  



Rate: US $76.00 Per Person


Included: Transportation, bilingual guide, bottle of water and entrance fee.


Duration: 4 Hours


What to bring: ID or passport, camera, hat, comfortable sandals or shoes, sun glasses.