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Raising Coral

"Our mission is to restore coral reefs in Costa Rica using coral propagation techniques. 

Restoring reefs naturally brings people into a symbiotic partnership with ocean life, which has sustained us for thousands of years."


This is a very good project with a wonderful point of view. Take a moment to read more and find out how you can help them!




  • Raising Coral has completed its first year of research, pioneering coral restoration in the Costa Rican Pacific. Coral fragments of three major species have been grown in an underwater nursery and outplanted to nearby reefs.
  • Environmental monitoring is conducted at the nursery and reef sites.
  • Raising Coral is seeking funding to finance a second year of research, which will allow us to refine our nursery and outplanting techniques, and to focus on maximizing efficiency and scaling up the restoration.
  • Financial requirements for this second year are US$ 65K.



Why is this project important?


  • Human activities and climate change are causing coral reefs to decline globally, including in Costa Rica. We believe that active restoration not only improves the state of coral reefs, but also the human connection with coral reefs.
  • Corals in the Golfo Dulce (Southern Pacific, Costa Rica) have shown a remarkable ability to recover following coral bleaching events, making this an optimal area for the research and restoration.
  • Our underwater nursery is used to test rapid growth methods for three coral species. After 4-6 months of growth within the nursery, corals have been outplanted with a high survival rate. The goal is to re-establish native, more resilient corals on reefs that have been impacted by mortality events.



The Raising Coral Team


  • The team is composed of leading scientists in coral reef biology, marine conservation, and climate change, as well as an investment manager with a strong track record in finance and business.
  • Interdisciplinary Team:
    • Joanie Kleypas, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
    • Juan José Alvarado, University of Costa Rica
    • Jorge Cortés, University of Costa Rica
    • Tatiana Villalobos, University of Costa Rica
    • José Andrés Marin Moraga, National University
    • Alvaro Teran, Entrepreneur and Kairos Investments
  • Raising Coral has alliances with: Conservation International and Mote Tropical Marine Lab (Florida, USA).
  • To fund the first year of the project, Dr. Kleypas donated a Heinz Award for the Environment ($100K) given to her in recognition of her work on coral reefs.



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