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Santa Teresa - All about Surfing!

Extended weekend in the surfer's paradise in Costa Rica - Beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets and of course surfers as far as eyes can reach. Santa Teresa is unique and is definitely worth a visit! Our intern Madeleine talks about her weekend in Santa Teresa!

I, 22, intern at CRS Tours, are here for a total of 6 months in Costa Rica. As a long weekend was upcoming, I decided to go to the Surferparadise Santa Teresa with some of my Tico friends.


Since the clocks in Costa Rica run a little slower, the departure time was interpreted flexibly. However, this was not bad, as we drove by car and did not rely on public transport.


Bright sunshine, shimmering sand and a beautiful sea were already on our arrival. So we could not do anything else after the 6-hour journey to Santa Teresa than to put in a stop at the sea, even before check in. The sea, crystal clear and warm, showed itself at its best. A dream I can tell you!



Santa Teresa itself is a small coastal city on the Nicoya Peninsula, not too big. Due to the complex and long journey, including the ferry ride, you will be compensated as soon as one gets there. The village itself is behind a small forest directly after the beach. Here are many smaller surfer shops, sodas and restaurants to be found.


ALL ABOUT SURFING is the motto of Santa Teresa. The beach Playa Carmen, as well as Mal Pais are particularly popular for surfers due to the high waves and the constant wind. It does not appear from nowhere to be called as one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica!



So it also attracted me the next day for a surf. My last surfing experience was already 2 years ago. For this reason I always kept onto my Tico friend whos doing this every weekend. The time as well as the power faded faster than I had imagined. To complete this day, I joined one of these amazing sunset yoga-hour at the beach.



Unfortunately at day 3 we had to travel back home to San José. We ended our trip with a stopover in Montezuma. Im still dreaming about the fresh Ceviche at one the tiny restaurants at the beach. The highlight of this day, however, consisted definitively from the hike to the Montezuma waterfall. I love the sea but there is nothing about a beautiful, refreshing and unique waterfall! Pura Vida I can tell you!