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Costa Rica is often called the Switzerland of Central America! Why is that?


1. San José was one of the first electrically lit capitals in the world in 1884.


2. In February 2018, Costa Rica covered almost 100 percent of its electricity needs with a very sustainable mix of renewable energy sources. The energy is mainly generated out of the following natural resources: water, wind and geothermal energy. This ranks Costa Rica as one of the leading countries in sustainable energy ahead of Europe’s leading sustainable country Island, which generates 84.9% of green energy.


3. The country which has a size smaller than Lake Michigan (US) operates 20 hydroelectric power stations, which account for about 70 percent of the electricity demand.



4. Costa Rica has a lot of expertise in planning and operating of geothermal power plants. Like that it is at the pole position of an increasingly important branch.


5. Little Costa Rica has been without a military since 1948, leaving the population spared similar bloody conflicts as in the Central American neighbors. This enabled the country to set the course for successful ecotourism at an early stage. In addition to the service and technology sectors, this pillar is playing a bigger role today than ever before in the country’s economy.


6. The budget released after the abolition of the military flowed into the development of the health and education system, which is still very successful.



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