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The National Park Round Trip - Corcovado

From Manuel Antonio, the federal highway 34 leads in about three hours to the Corcovado National Park in the outer southeast of the country.

The park is a very important ecosystem for Central America. It consists of five different sectors: Sector Sirena; La Leona; San Pedrillo; Los Platos; Los Planes and El Tigre.

The national park offers the entire spectrum of the tropics. Deep rainforests, mangroves and cloud forests in the high altitudes. Tourists can explore the park on a variety of trails and stay overnight at one of the many camp sites.

Several lodges are far away from any civilization and can only be reached via boat transfer. This already makes the journey to a unique experience for the visitors. Visitors can choose between overnight packages of various lengths. The standard program consists of 2 nights including full board and transfer.




  •  Area: 424 square kilometers
  •  Opening: 1975
  •  Biodiversity: 6000 insects; 500 trees, 367 bird species, 140 mammal species, 117 amphibian species, 40 freshwater fish
  •  Opening hours: Daily, 7am to 4pm
  •  Entrance fee for tourists: $ 15



Written by Piet Kroll. CRS Tours 2018